Donald IV

Just when I thought he gave up on us, he came back to tell me he loves me.


You all read the last email I sent him. You, know--comprehensive evidence that he's running a scam? Just to refresh your memory:


So, in light of today's email, I was a little pissed off. He thinks I'm a moron, and considering that, I wrote him a response where I may have made a completely baseless threat.

Scratch that, I absolutely made a completely baseless threat. I don't know how that will play, and to be honest, I'm a little torn up about it.


A when I was writing my "evidence" email,  my wife talked me out of requesting a $1200 "good faith" payment. I believe the way I had it phrased was,

"Donald, I cannot wait to start working with you, but as you can tell, these are serious accusations. In light of this, I request that I receive a weeks pay, $1200, via PayPal, prior to starting as a show of good faith."

She considered the possible extortion angle if Bilink was actually a legit operation, and it echoed that 2% of doubt in the back of my mind. The way he just moved past the entire subject today hit me that 2% and completely shattered it. This is his hail-Mary pass, I believe.

I'm a little worried that there's an angle I'm not thinking about, such as a cyber attack or something like that and that worries me, but I am looking forward for this to be done.

There's only probably going to be one more. In "Donald V" I'll wrap things up. I don't expect him to get back me, but the line about submitting an invoice might be a hook to them. What started as a pleasant distraction for me has gotten oddly emotional for me and I need to step away. I could just set him to junk mail right now, but the lack of anything real in my life has lead to this need to hang on.

My life's beginning to lack context. My feelings are starting to smell like paranoia wearing different colognes.

Writer, performer, producer and musician from Alberta.