What's it Sound Like?

another day passes with
the volume of the masses
discontent and malice
taken to school for the adult level classes
on what it takes to be human
and what it means to you then
in that moment
the one that we all live in

it sounds like another underlined note
under the other lines that I wrote
a self pity party
pondering my own meaning and
turning over stones that cover tiny bugs dreaming
about feeling good and living in a hole forever
but no bug can live forever
for ever is the place that we go when lost in the words
lost in a pen, the music or the wind

under a darkened prairie sky
spoiled by the northern light
both from, and off the sun
fro and to we come
with hungry bellies and idle minds
young men staring down the barrel of time
driving, hiding from impeding doom

let our headphones tell us how to move
and let us tell them how to instruct you

So, what's it sound like?
another drowning pike flopping in the air
hitting the deck and slapping the mess
screaming for help that we just don't hear
again I ask
what's it sound like?
what's it sound like?

to kill our king is patricide and it costs all
but somewhere in the scripture it's written that
pride comes before the fall
I've fallen so much
I'm starting to think there is no bottom
just a series of chasms through which I keep falling
sink holes next to pot holes next to molehill sized
mountains that crumble into gravel
that my feet just slide on

I'm gone through half the day
and my mind escapes into the night
who gave you the right to reshuffle the deck?
to cut it, who gave you the knife?
Socrates once uttered,
"the unexamined life is not worth living"
cautious I was not
when I found this pool that I could wade in
thoughtless I was twice
when I found some eyes that I could bathe in
kept falling and paid the price for something that
I would eventually trade in for less than market value
and more shit don't need

I have been to the top of the mountain
laid the pebbles in a row just to count them
I've seen it all go wrong
I've seen it all go right
But where was I that night when she started asking,
"Hey, what's this sound like?"