Donald VI: The Finale

It's the day after Thanksgiving and you can literally smell how badly the snow wants to fall. We took an impromptu trip to Grande Prairie, home--as it were, and I came back feeling full. Full of turkey, full of family, full of Fudge, full of love. Something changed this time, I don't know if it's just me relaxing towards my hometown or what, but it was pleasant while I was there. I felt confident with the prairie wind straightening my spine.

But, this is all beside the point. It's October tenth, which means that I haven't contacted old Donnie in a while, and he has completely ran scared from me (I say 'ran scared' but he probably just moved the ole into the spam folder). I can see why though, that last message was quite snotty, so I turned something on. Something I that I wasn't sure of at first, but now runs with purpose. 


I sent that email on Tuesday the 3rd at one o'clock in the afternoon. I knew he wouldn't get back to me, so I turned the knob from 8 to 10 and ended up here:


I'm pretty smug about this one, so I'm going to end it on a high note. If anything comes of it, maybe we'll start a sequel series to "Donald" but, for now, Don Don, my bon bon, I put thee to rest.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Also, keep an eye on the moon, kids.