Donald V

I know I was talking like I was maybe going to end this, but as I woke up this morning, the only thought in my head was: Nahhhhh. Let's fuck with him some more.

So, since Thursday's email, I haven't heard anything. I believe he ran away from me, but he should have known that I wasn't going to let him just up and leave at the end of this. I've decided to adopt the "girlfriend/boyfriend with intense abandonment issues" persona. This is what I sent him, in a new email so it's a new chain. I hope my small start doesn't back fire, I'd like to draw this out.


I don't want to call from my cell phone, lest I be added to some sort of database or something. I'm still pondering my options. I think I have Skype minutes, so I might do that to record the call. Problem is that I don't know where "he" is, so, while Alberta (and maybe all of Canada) has a single-party consent law on recording conversations, if he's somewhere else, I could be violating something. It's an iffy one. I guess we just wait and see for now.