Donald III

Alright, so I woke up this morning to a snappy little email.


I wasn't going to let him get away with talking to me like that, so I drew it out a bit. I am a professional man, so I require a small vetting process.


Now, the way in which Donald responded reminded me of various women throughout my life.


In the cases with women, it was clear (in hindsight) that I was testing their patience. There's a 2% chance in the back of my mind that this is actually a legitimate company, maybe at the mercy of identity theft, so I allowed that to frame my next email. Instead of posting a screen shot, I'm going to recreate it below, with the photos included as I talk about them. That's fun, right?

Hi Donald,
Fantastic news about the direct deposit, however, I did find some troubling information online that I will need clarified up before joining your organization.
I've attached a series of screenshots to help with communication.
Picture 1.jpg
This is a capture of, another logistics and shipping company with the same name as your company.
Picture 2.jpg
And, as you can see in this picture, this is your own company website. I'm sure you are familiar with it. It boasts many of the same claims and, and if my understanding of business naming conventions is correct; similar or exact names are unacceptable due to the risk of marketplace confusion.
Picture 3.jpg
Here you'll see a post from from six days ago. In it, the user bryan112, asks the community about the exact same email you sent me.
Picture 4.jpg
Here you will find another user, this time using your own name, Donald.
Picture 5.jpg
This final picture was actually taken from the first google result when searching "Bilink Logistics." It is a review from the Better Business Bureau advising of an employment scam.
I do not believe gossip I find online, Donald. I am a professional. If you assure me that none of these things refer to your company, the one true Bilink Logistics Ltd., then I will gladly take this job.
I look forward to working with you,

Goddammit, I'm so full of shit I can taste it. I think it's in my teeth. I hear my Dad's voice echoing in my head, "what's the point of all of this?"

All I can say back to him is, "I don't know, but my life has been hollowed out and filled back up by stress and anxiety, so I need something. I'm being careful; I haven't been malicious, and if it's all true, well, hey--I've done a good job vetting something that seems to good to be real."

I think he'd respect me for that.

I think.

I also think that Donnie's done with me. Usually he's been prompt on his responses and even bugs me when I'm not as speedy as he'd want me to be. I saved everything before the line break at around two, which was two hours ago. I went for jog (ate some pizza pops), lifted some weights (browsed Twitter) and took a shower (no, really. I actually did this one), but still no word from ol' Donald.

He gave me a day and a half before bugging me again, so I'm going to extend that same courtesy. I'm going to hit him with a follow up email tomorrow night in the style of "eager employee," or, actually, maybe the old, "disappointed fellow professional" route is best here.

I think it'll be a spur of the moment decision.

In the meantime, I've scored a job interview for Friday, so that's pretty decent.

yay me.


Donnie, baby--if you've done some googling and this series of posts has shown up... uh, well... Do better, son. Love ya.