As I was writing that last post, I got wrapped up in something goofy. Someone's trying to scam me.

Last week I got a request through from a “Mimi S. Ng,” asking me if I was interested in a position with "CEDA International Corporation." A lazy man's google search tells me that it's legit, but they're in Calgary. That's cool. I click "Yes."

Now, I can't say what happens next was connected to that for sure, but the email I got lead me to think that it was.

This morning I get an email from “Donald Winters.” Fantastic name; I picture a Donald Sutherland type in a nice, navy-blue sweater with a tan blazer over top. He’s kind of sexy, but in a Professor Dad type of way. The content of the email smashed these preconceived notions to smithereens.


No line breaks, weird language gaffs, and an odd request in general. I smelt tuna, so I kind of probed with my reply. Correspondence with a side of shade, please. 


Ever professional, my new friend Donald replies very diplomatically, as the President of the 13 Districts would.


I’m not opening those documents, fuck that. I tried to do more digging on google, but it turns out I didn’t have to even try. Google “Bilink Logistics” and the fifth or sixth result is a thread from posted by a kid asking about the exact same email I received. Ol’ Donnie’s even namechecked near the bottom of the comments.

This is the post:

So I’ve been trying to get out of the labour job for a month now and I got an e-mail from some company named Bilink Logistics Ltd.

The position they’re looking for is a “Payment Manager”. It was an entry level job. But here’s the sketchy part, the salary is $30/hour and a work-at-home job type.

The job responsibilities are as follow:

As a payment manager, you will be responsible for providing payment services to a range of small and medium-sized businesses. The objectives of these payments are different, but it is necessary for the future of customer service and assistance to the business development of our customers. Depending on the needs of our customers, you will get payment from our customers and send it to the appropriate service of our company. Thus, the payment manager is the liaison between the customer and the main office of the company. During the trial period, you will work under the supervision of your manager. It will provide you with detailed instructions for performing your tasks. So you will not have any problems with learning, and you can get the necessary experience. This position is available for your city of residence. We have about 300 financial representatives from Canada and the United States.

And the weirdest part, for me at least, is that I could not find any website of the said company.

P.S. I’ve only worked for 11 months ever in my life. My work right now is my first job.
— bryan112 on Reddit

I’m going through this thing, pushed on to me by my wife (thank god), where I dismiss my initial thoughts of someone. I’m horrible for this, and a lot of my friends would agree with me, even if it’s not to my face. Steph finally called me out on it, and I had to agree with her; I actually am the worst for judging people by sight, or on small interactions. I allow it to colour my entire view of them, and usually miss out on great relationships with great people because I’m a dick.

So, being that I have an odd sense of intimacy with Donald here (completely fake and projected), I decided to try to appeal to him as a human, while rejecting his scam.


I haven’t sent it yet. To be honest, I’m scared of a cyber retaliation from a petty stranger. It might sit in my drafts forever, but the fact I was able to do this and not just react with a “ooooooh this mother fucker is trying to take advantage of a man who’s down on his luck" reaction and tear him apart bodes well for me. On Twitter, I'm bad for that. Big emotions and the internet don’t mix well, but I think I was able to finally handle myself.

Maybe I am getting somewhere?