New Years Eve Throwback: The Semi-Awesome Podcast

Original Description from, 2014:

Gather 'round as Tyler Fudge, Joel Morgan, Steph, Travis and Amo send out 2014 in style! Recorded live at Casa de Fudge in front of a captive audience of one, our heroes navigate the fun and games of "Walrus" and "One, True, Three!" Plus! A Massive, HUGE announcement for 2015.

Happy New Year from us here at The Semi-Awesome Podcast, and Mo'Fudge Productions.

This is a behemoth two-hour episode, recorded December 31st, 2014. It’s crazy to look back on this time and hear how different our approaches were, how eager the spirit of “lets just record!” was, and how just damn silly we were. It’s a good time, and if you like this, there’s more where that came from. We’ve brought the show back, and collected ten episode as the first collection. Check it out here!

I’m building a network of sorts, and the Fudge Brothers are killing the wrestling podcast game on theFUDERATION Podcast, so stick around Fat Dog for the year to come and see how it’s going to go down.