Tyler Fudge

Hailing from Leading Tickles, Newfoundland Tyler Fudge currently resides in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He co-hosts the wrestling podcasts Suplex City Limits and the FUDERATION Podcast, the latter of which he is the creator of.

He is currently on the Semi-Awesome Podcast and helps over see network logistics.

Joel Morgan

a.k.a J. Francis Morgan a.k.a. JayFM lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He has written unproduced scripts for TV, web series’ and has been rejected by more publications than you’d think. He’ll get there one day.

He currently writes and hosts Locust of the Sea, and is on the Semi-Awesome Podcast with Tyler Fudge.



Robb Laffoon

Raised by both the Californian sun and the frozen Albertan tundra, Robert T. Laffoon is a man of many talents. He’s a founding member of The Wild Young Hearts, a pop-punk band based out of Los Angeles, and holds the world record for most tricks turned within an hour.

He’s currently recording his fourth album with TWYH and hosts Perfect Record.


The Fat Dog Network

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Locust of the Sea

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Perfect Record

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