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Social media videos, product videos, audio/video adverts, podcast production and more (you don’t even know). Referring to yourself in the third person, even in promotional materials, is weird. Let me just say that I do professional quality work, with style, for below industry standard rates. Get a quote today!

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Share the load, Mr. Frodo.
— Samwise Gamgee

In addition to everything mentioned, I am available to join other teams. I edit everything in the Adobe ecosystem, and shoot with cameras that play nicely with others. Word on the (sesame) street is that I’m pretty good with puppets too. If this is something you that interests you, please email me at:


MY commitment

Each and every project I take on will be handled as if it were my own. I will provide industry-standard quality to produce the best possible audio/video products for all of my clients in a timely manner.

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My Friends call me Joel.

I’ve been making movies and videos since I was old enough to hold my parent’s old VHS-C camcorder, and writing for about half that time. I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where I currently reside, but called Edmonton home for six-years; and, as Gonzo the Great once said, "I hope to get back there some day.”

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